Completed in 1997 | Area : 3000 ha
Hai phong

Premium Location

Deep C/DVIZ is located at the centre of Haiphong’s infrastructure development projects, including the new International Cat Bi Airport, Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port and Hanoi – Haiphong New Expressway. Hence, tenants can benefit from a unique location with intermodal connectivity which equals to significant savings on transportation costs.

Hanoi - Haiphong new Expressway: Direct connection with Hanoi -Haiphong new expressway 105km long, 33m wide, 2x3 lanes; Reducing Hanoi - Haiphong travel time to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Cat Bi International Airport: closest to Cat Bi International Airport, with expected flights routes to Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Tan Vu - Lach Huyen bridge: Direct access to Tan Vu - Lach Huyen bridge under construction, connecting the existing DVIZ/ Deep C and Lach Huyen Deep sea port with total length: 15.6km and bridge length: 5.44km

Deep C industrial Zones are located adjacent to the new Haiphong International Gateway port (Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port), Cat Bi International Airport, and North Vietnam Coastal Expressway. At the very centre of Haiphong’s infrastructure development, Deep C offers our tenants industrial land and ready-built warehouse/workshop for lease, integrated with reliable utilities provision and supporting services.

Main investments in Deep C

Textile industry

Automotive and tyre manufacturing

Chemical and Petro-chemical industry

Heavy and light industries

Pharmaceutical industry

Logistics & Services

Supporting industries



A Master Plan fits all types of business activities, from general industry, to petrochemical and light industries, as well as providing land plots of flexible sizes depending on clients’ demand.

Each plot of land is hydraulically filled with sand in accordance with the Master Plan; The land is levelled within a range of ±15cm to the level of the Master Plan; Utilities connections are provided up to the border of the land plot.


Source: the national (220kV) and regional (110kV) grids;

Capacity: 626MVA: 2x250MVA/2x63MVA;

Equipment: sourced from reputable manufacturers: LS cable (subsidiary of LG), ABB switchgear;

Distribution: Uninterrupted and highly reliable underground system;

Connection points: indoor, fully insulated locked cabinets;

Water and Waste Water

Treated water capacity: 20,000 m3/day

Raw water capacity: 25,000 m3/day

Waste water treatment capacity: 6,500 m3/day

Only Industrial Zone in Northern Vietnam having a Waste water treatment plant with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.



Internet access

Firefighting water

Underground loop

Hydrant system

Capacity: max 480m3/h

Pressure 4-7 bar

Redundant pumping system

Solid waste

Partnership with certified company

Class A landfill within 250km

Tenants in Deep C/DVIZ may rest assured that utilities are available as per their requests. Electricity, gas, steam and water, waste water treatment are provided in the right quantity and quality to best suit your demand. All utilities are connected at the border of the land plots.

Since 2013 the internal traffic roads have been equiped a state of the art LED street lighting, a 22kV underground electricity distribution network, a fire hydrant system and the upgrade of the waste water treatment plant to 6,500m3/day.

Safety and security

Apart from the regular patrol and traffic control carried out in the whole zone, the jetty area receives special attention in terms of safety and security. Engineers to oversee construction works with precaution against fire risks.

24/7 CCTV surveillance at the jetty

Annual drills of firefighting and oil spill response

Periodic inspection and maintenance of auxiliary equipment and jetty structure

Periodic inspection of clients’ pipelines

Firefighting system running throughout the jetty berths, pressure of 5 bar and reservoir of 1,000 m3.

Haiphong International Polyclinic and Hospital

Licensing supporting service

Advantageous location (closest to Dinh Vu Port, Deep sea port, international airport

Reliable utilities provision

Unconditional Tax Incentive Package

Easy access to Energy hub

Easy access to competitive, effective and skilled labour force

Economic Tax Package

Investors in Deep C/DVIZ are entitled to the best tax package in Vietnam applied to Economic Zones only. This tax package is provided automatically and unconditionally.

Corporate Income Tax

First 15 years from your first commercial invoice: 10%
Of these 15 years:

First 4 years: 100% exemption

Subsequent 9 years: 50% reduction

Personal Income Tax

50% reduction to the normal rate, applied for the whole project lifetime.

Import and export tax for enterprises with 100% export

Import and export duty exemption for enterprises with 100% export (subject to list of equipment promulgated from time to time).
Free VAT for import/export activities:

For overseas purchase raw material; For local purchase or raw material; For overseas purchase of machinery, equipment (fixed assets), which are not locally produced; For local purchase of machinery (fixed assets); For local purchase of material to build the factory (fixed assets); For overseas export of finished goods; The above mentioned tax information is based on prevailing legislations and subject to further update from time to time.


Tenants in DVIZ’s Petrochemical Park have the privilege of direct access to our Marine Terminal and supporting pipe rack for the purpose of handling liquid products. This unique concept differentiates DVIZ from other industrial zones, allowing its tenants to benefit from the shared use of Dinh Vu Liquids Jetty and reducing the initial investment on the construction of a private jetty.

Liquids Jetty

The liquids jetty is designed to receive vessels of 10,000 and 20,000DWT:


Design capacity

Dock length

Mooring depth










Investment Facts and Figures

Steady Economic Growth
Total FDI projects: 425 (as of 04/2015)
Total Investment Capital: US$ 10.29 billion
Over 500 foreign companies operating in the city
Authorities with extensive experience in working with foreign businesses
All major banks have business offices

FDI target in 2015: US$ 1.5 billion

Commitment of Haiphong government: key infrastructure development projects, including the new Hanoi – Haiphong Highway, new Cat Bi International Airport, and Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port. These projects will not only attract FDI flow into the city, but also create new jobs to attract the well-trained labour of Haiphong city and of neighbouring regions.

In recent years Haiphong has also seen a number of language training centres being opened to satisfy the demand of foreign enterprises.

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